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I am an American who lived in Tokyo nearly 20 years and in 2011 relocated to the Houston, Texas area-(very different than Tokyo!).


In June 2012 I won an Excellence Award in B&W Magazine's annual portfolio contest and I am in the June 2012 issue of B&W. My entry was a small portfolio of shots taken during my years in Tokyo. It is the first contest I have entered and to say I am happy with the result is an understatement.

Contest photos are online here: http://www.bandwmag.com/galleries/bw/contests/13/photographs/36388


I am also very am very fortunate to have had my photos published on Fotodigital, a Portuguese photography webzine. The interview is published in Portuguese and done when I still lived in Tokyo; the original English version is below. Google translate also works well for reading the other interviews, which I highly recommend. Fotodigital


HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A PHOTOGRAPHER? On and off for almost 30 years, but I have shot more in the last three years than in the first 27!

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE? Eclectic. I know great photographers often talk about how important it is to develop your own style and to some extent I agree, particularly for commercial photographers. For me, however, one of the great joys of photography is trying new things. The two types of photography I enjoy the most are landscape and street photography which happen to be, at least for me, almost the opposite in terms of approach and output. Street photography for me is all about movement and the moment. In Tokyo it can also be about managing visual overload! I am completely fine with “messy” shots, when the “mess” equates to more to look at or some gesture or emotion that might not be captured perfectly in a technical sense. Landscape photography is quite a different experience —much more introspective and a great deal more attention placed to the many details under our control as photographers.

WHICH PHOTOGRAPHERS DO YOU FEEL INFLUENCE YOUR WORK? WHY? This answer could be very long but I will try and show some restraint: Ansel Adams and W. Eugene Smith for their craftsmanship and approach. Edward Weston for his incredible eye. Daido Moriyama and Gary Stochl for street photography. Gordon Parks for his thoughtfulness. Vincent Versace for the pure beauty of his photos. In terms of technique, books by John Shaw (for everything about how to use a camera), Tony Sweet (for working methods and visualization), and Freeman Patterson (mental approach) have all been very helpful for me.

YOUR FAVOURITE LIVING PHOTOGRAPHER? Although I have only seen a portion of his work, I find Sebastio Selgado’s photography very powerful.

WHAT TYPE OF CAMERAS DO YOU SHOOT WITH? I use a Nikon D300 and a Panasonic Lumix LX-3.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PHOTOGRAPHY ACCESSORY BESIDES THE CAMERA? I think tripods are the most essential accessory but since I don’t enjoy carrying them I will say the Lensbaby lens. Putting on a Lensbaby necessitates seeing and thinking about your shots in a different way which is a good thing. And fun too.

IF YOU COULD CARRY ONLY ONE LENS WHICH ONE WOULD IT BE AND WHY? My Nikon 18-200 zoom. It is a little soft but extremely versatile.

IF YOU COULD GO OUT TAKING PICTURES WITH ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER WHO WOULD IT BE? I am tempted to say Micheal Kenna but my choice would be Steve McCurry. He is a great photographer and his work is very important. Just being able to chat with him would be a privilege, much less photograph together.

AND WHERE WOULD YOU GO TO TAKE PICTURES? Since I live in a busy, crowded city I would prefer somewhere remote, perhaps central Asia.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS JUST STARTING OUT? Learn composition before anything else. Take lots of pictures, but take them mindfully and learn from the results.

WHAT IS YOUR NEXT PROJECT? I am planning to do a night series in Tokyo. I already shoot at night fairly often with my LX-3, mostly in places that are still reasonably active. What I plan to do next is take out my tripod and Nikon for different view of the city, still places with just a hint of movement.


Nikon D300

Lumix LX-3

Lumix LX-5

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